Are you looking to build your confidence and capability in leading non-stop change?

One of the most important elements of leadership is the ability to connect to others. Who leads if there are no followers? This is why the personal qualities of modern leadership are so important.

This a self-paced course with 3 x 15 minute video lessons and experiments to conduct to test your learning.

We cover:

Empathy - what it is, the benefits, and the ways you can build a more empathic leadership stye.

Vulnerability - the value in leadership and how you might embody more without compromising your boundaries

Curiosity - the types of curiosity and the value in being more intentional in taking a curious approach to leading during change.

Included in your online course are:

  • 3 x 15-minute videos
  • Workplace experiments related to each video
  • Assessment through exam questions, reflective journal entries and virtual coaching review
  • A digital badge to demonstrate your market relevance on LinkedIn

Here's what we cover

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  Personal Qualities
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  What's next?
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Your instructors

Lena Ross and Dr Jen Frahm are the founders of the Agile Change Leadership Institute and are experienced change consultants and facilitators with experience in delivering change and building change capability in a large number of organisations (local government, finance, technology, automotive, mining engineering, higher education, and utilities.)

They are both skilled educators and coaches with backgrounds in learning and development and academia and are known for being at the frontier of change, agile and learning. They formed the Agile Change Leadership Institute in 2019 after several successful collaborations and published their award-winning Agile Change Playbook in August 2020.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

As soon as you enrol, you can access the course content and a link to join our closed online community. There are 3 short online videos to watch and each has a related experiment to run in the workplace. After each module, answer the assessment questions and write up your reflective journal response. Submit your reflection component by email as-you-go or at the end – it’s your choice. Submissions are reviewed by one of our trained assessors who will provide feedback by email.

How do I complete my assessments?

Once all course modules are completed and reviewed, you will receive your credentials. Then you can update your resume and LinkedIn profile and congratulate yourself on your commitment to staying ahead of the curve!

How long will it take?

That’s going to depend on how motivated you are! It’s self-paced, which means you could do one lesson a week and be finished in three weeks if you’re focused.

Each module is about 45 minutes to watch and has about 7 hours of experiment and assessment to do in your workplace or at home if not currently employed.

You have 12 months to complete the program.

You’ll have the private online community so you have the company of others on the journey and can ask questions of faculty members and coaches.

What are the other topics covered in the full certificate program?

Leadership - adaptive leadership, distributed leadership, servant leadership

Personal Qualities - empathy, vulnerability, curiosity

Agile - fail fast & feedback, minimum viable product (MVP), done is better than perfect

The 3 x Rs - readiness, resilience, resistance

Human Centred Change - psychological safety, personas & people, employee journeying

The six modules that are particularly relevant to managers and leaders today. Each module covers:

  • What the topic is about
  • Why it is important
  • Who has talked /written about it in the past
  • How it is approached today
  • How you might apply it
  • How you might find out more

What's included in the certificate program if choose to do that later?

Included in your online course are:

  • A discount that recognises your investment in your 3 C micro-credential.
  • Five more modules (3 x 10-minute videos)
  • Workplace experiments related to each video
  • Assessment through exam questions, reflective journal entries
  • Numerous carefully curated links for further reading
  • Copies of our books Hacking for Agile Change and Conversations of Change – a guide for workplace change
  • A digital badge (credential) upon completion to demonstrate your market relevance on LinkedIn.