We carefully design learning with these principles in mind:

  • we are on the lookout for new and emerging practices that add value
  • we practice what we preach and talk about proven approaches
  • we don't believe in a fixed formula or method - we believe in principles that can be iterated

Our programs are designed so you can learn anytime, from anywhere.

Can we help you?

At the Agile Change Leadership Institute (ACLI), we solve three main problems:

1) We know that poorly planned and implemented change costs organisations big dollars – these costs can be financial costs (e.g. high burn rate on delayed projects or bringing in expensive resources to ‘fix’ change gone wrong); market costs (e.g. being slow to market with new products or dealing with large volumes of customer complaints); and people costs (e.g. high turnover and decreased employee performance).

 We help build change capability across the organisation, so that organisations can better plan and implement changes and not incur unnecessary costs.

2) With the additional pressures of a pandemic and external crises, we're facing an epidemic of unskilled leaders of change. Operational managers and leaders are thrust into transformational roles with no training or background in change - leaders feel panicked, out of control, and irrelevant.

We help change leaders build the personal qualities required to successfully lead continuous change by providing them with tools and techniques to lead their people with calm and confidence.

3) We also know that organisations just don’t have enough dedicated change resources to handle the volume of changes that are being introduced, and those change resources are over worked and overwhelmed.

We help change managers sharpen their toolkit and work with impacted stakeholders to support change that sticks.

We innovate with a micro-learning approach and offer learning in bite-sized pieces to suit a busy workforce. All our courses contain experiments to help managers and leaders build capability safely.

Hello! We are Dr Jen Frahm and Lena Ross - your facilitators and chief instructors.

We look forward to helping you in your quest to be job-ready and future-fit. 

Our mission is that we want every leader to be fit for leading people in an uncertain future and every change manager to be job-ready for agile environments.

The work we have to do is too important not to be!

We love seeing people reach their AHA moment, through their experiments, testing and learning and sharing their insights. We are truly honoured when we see the transformational impact our teaching has. 


Check out our essential reading for change leaders and change practitioners.

Change. Leader: The Changes You Need to Make First (2021) by Dr Jen Frahm

The Agile Change Playbook (2020) by Dr Jen Frahm and Lena Ross

Change Management: The Essentials (2020) by Lena Ross

Conversations of Change: A Guide to Workplace Change (2017) by Dr Jen Frahm

Hacking for Agile Change: With an Agile Mindset, Behaviours and Practices (2017) by Lena Ross