We carefully design learning with these principles in mind:

  • we are on the lookout for new and emerging practices that add value
  • we practice what we preach and talk about proven approaches
  • we don't believe in a fixed formula or method - we believe in principles that can be iterated

Our programs are designed so you can learn anytime, from anywhere.

Hello! We are Dr Jen Frahm and Lena Ross - your facilitators.

We look forward to helping you in your quest to be job-ready and future-fit. 

Our mission is that we want every leader to be fit for leading people in an uncertain future and every change manager to be job-ready for agile environments.

The work we have to do is too important not to be!


Check out our essential reading for change leaders and change practitioners.

Change. Leader: The Changes You Need to Make First (2021) by Dr Jen Frahm

The Agile Change Playbook (2020) by Dr Jen Frahm and Lena Ross

Change Management: The Essentials (2020) by Lena Ross

Conversations of Change: A Guide to Workplace Change (2017) by Dr Jen Frahm

Hacking for Agile Change: With an Agile Mindset, Behaviours and Practices (2017) by Lena Ross